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Twitter Updates 2022

Twitter updates of 2022 includes:-

Twitter Blue :- It’s a premium monthly subscription service. The subscribers get absolute premium features and app personalization together with bookmarking options, new themes, an undo button. The undo button gives the user only 30 seconds to undo sending the tweet.

Twitter Articles :- One of the most remarkable twitter update of 2022. Previously it a 140-character limit and now its 280 characters. It’s not clear that this service will be, but supposed to indicate, Twitter will let its users read long threads in an article. If this feature will be clubbed to Twitter blue subscription service, then in case it will not available to all.

Downvotes :- Majorly known as the dislike button but rather works in a different way. Used to specify disputes with a post. Presently on try out mode and only available to only few of its customers. People on web and soon IOS and Android Wil able to access this option to use reply downvoting.

Flock :- A comparable feature i.e. available on Instagram stories is the ability to users to share the content with only selected followers’. Flock currently, just a placeholder name; might change at the time of launch. This feature let you share the tweet with a group of upto 150 users.

Edit Button :- The button will help you edit the tweets already sent. It’s not clear yet that whether Twitter will create a separate edit button for al the users or only launch for the Twitter Blue subscribers.

Tweet Reaction Videos :- In this the user have to click the retweet option, then choose “Quote Tweet with reaction”. This feature lead you create a tweet in the form of reaction video (or photo).

Safety Button :- Twitter initiate a small test which it calls the safety mode. This feature allows Twitter to automatically block any account which seems to contain harmful languages. The blocked account will not able to interact with the blockers’ account for 7 days, unless and until the original account manually unblocks the blocked user.

Composer Bar :- Twitter started testing new feature on IOS in January inside of which the blue button will be replaced with its composer bar. With the help of which the users need not to tap the blue button with the plus sign at the bottom right on their phones to post any tweet, photos, gif or start a discussion.

Twitter Communities :- This feature permits users create and join groups to go in for discussions about certain topics. The ability to built these communities remains limited.

Topics Tag Bar :- A feature foe IOS. It will help users quickly go through the topics they are interested in by selecting them from the list of options.

Unmentioning feature :- This feature will allow the users to remove themselves from the post they are tagged in. It helps you remove from conversations you are not interested to be the part of.

ALT Badge and Image Description :- Users can now add images with text descriptions. Which is mentioned with the word “alt”.

So, these are some of updates Twitter had made and will be for 2022.

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