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Main On-Page SEO Techniques for Better Ranking in 2022

Following are the points one should undertake for better ranking of the website:-

Content quality[high] :-:- A website should have great content quality which becomes better with SEO. Original content is must, should be exclusive, include text elements & satisfying.

Page titles & meta descriptions should be optimized :- When the search engine reads your pages, it checks the page title and description of a page. Add keywords in the beginning, include numbers.

Optimize your page content :- Provide unrepeated meta description for all pages of your website.

URL Optimization :- Your URL should be SEO friendly and your URL structure should imitate site structure.

Internal links :- Internal links should be a part of your content.

External link :- Make sure to add an outbound link in the content.

Heading & content formatting :- The content and title must contain some keywords you have of your own. Your page should have only one H1 tag.

Sitemaps :- Your website always have to contain sitemaps which makes easy for search engine to access your website.

Robots.txt File :- It is essential as much as the sitemap is important as it is to ensure that the pages should not be indexed by the search engine.

Images & other multimedia elements :- ALT Text is an important factor for images.

Page loading speed :- Website speed does matter when it comes to SEO and ranking factor.

Mobile friendly :- The website must be mobile friendly.

Comments :- Always on comments before publishing and approve only those comments which are related to the content & add value.

These are the SEO techniques used for better ranking .

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