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Latest Facebook updation 2022

Ad products

In February, the social media removed the video feature from the profile pages of its platform. This move is a part of their plan to simplify the Facebook experience and make it more focused on what people share and less about how they share it. The two groups of products that will be included are termed ‘Advantage’ and ‘Advantage+’.

The purpose of the tools is to help Facebook advertisers and brands better their advertising audience

To make it seamless, Facebook allowed users to manually change their profile videos to pictures.

New Group admin tools on Facebook

Expanded “mute” function and allowing admins to “suspend” group members from posting, reacting, entering Rooms, or participating in Group chats

. New QR codes that admins can download and share where and how they like send users to the Group’s About page

  • Option for admins to send Group invites through email

A safer shopping experience

Social commerce is becoming more and more popular, with both Facebook and Instagram allowing for shopping on-platform. Facebook understands the importance of creating a safe shopping experience for everyone involved, some changes to their social commerce toolkit.Creators can now create and use personalized links to promote subscriptions.

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